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Why does love discriminate? NORSU HM…

To be honest, I never had a girlfriend all my life… 18 years of existence and no relationships. I had always dreamed big on my gf… I want someone from my school, Silliman U. Must be well known and must be my opposite (Which makes me think to write a separate blog about “opposite attracts”). Like she must be a right handed, not happy go lucky and someone less active in co-curricular and extra-curicular… So far I only knew 2 and both of course is opposite to the extent that they still don’t want to be in a relationship…

People think i’m in a relationship, others think that i’m a fuck boy. But the truth is I only slept with women a few times with someone which i’m not related with… To mention all;

a. Trainings where bedspace is critical, and

b. RSPC Bayawan which we shared a classroom with we made good friends with Camanjac NHS.

To clarify, I am still a virgin… Funny but it’s true.. Sure Sillimanians would even believe that I am single… So I would know the reaction of people knowing I am a virgin ( I knew some already do know about this).

Then one night, one birthday celebration at the local pub (I dare not say who the celebrant was cuz it would spark an issue) Entered a beautiful lady… She is beautiful and I was stunned. Let’s name her Poison Grapes ( Got her name from a drink “Poison Apple” which literally became “Poison grape” cuz the local pub ran out of apple juice [To my Niece and Nephew. IF YOU EVER READ MY BLOG… DON’T INVESTIGATE!!!). Together with her friends they sat across the table… Then I drank so many rum and cola till I smoked and vaped (I smoke/vape IF only;

1. I’m depressed, or

2. I’m drunk.)
After the pub. We all went to the best spot for group hang outs ( THE SEAWALL!) That was the time we got to talk together along with her friends. Where we talked and talked until this question popped out…

Are you a minor? You look like 13 years old.

Like yes… PEOPLE THINK I’M 13 YEARS OLD.. Even the police… Good thing I have my passport to prove my age… But apparently, wearing my spectacles would work… So I popped back a question

Are you Sillimanians? I feel that you are Sillimanians…

They said “No… Were not.. were NORSUNIaNs!” that’s where I realize… Am I barking the wrong tree… Would my future be in NORSU? Foundation? SAINT Pauls? Metro Dumaguete College? UP? USC? DLSU? NU? adamson? (I’m just blabbering UAAP volleyball teams but what are the odds?)

Upon realizing that Silliman is not a good topic.. I diverted the topic to one of the most relatable topics of most of college students. ROTC… So we were having a conversation when suddenly I discovered she didnt even drink any glass of liquor. That’s where I realize that she is one of my Opposite… Unfortunately she got really drunk that we did walk the whole stretch of seawall looking for our friends which were just in the Hayahay…

I still remember that time when I fell in love (for that night only because i’m drunk) to a non-Sillimanian… Supposed to be, we should look up for a relationship within campus for some reason;

  • Hates LDR!
  • Loves to spend together in free periods.
  • FAME and MONEY 😌
  • Word composed with 3 letters rhymes with the word “Six” (Yeah These People exists)

People do think if you are with a relationship from other schools. Some people would start mocking you, your bf/gf and your relationship itself. Supposedly you go out to a mall… Friends from your school would think that you are being used for money… Unfortunately, they could’nt possibly understand… Just because they study in another school, they wont love their gf unconditionally… Say would you prefer having a relationship with someone with the same school but you know her history as someone who would just use you for fame?… Or someone who is from another school, doesnt care whether your famous yet loves you unconditionally?… Your choice…